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Why your business should prioritize technology innovations

Why your business should prioritize technology innovations

When it comes to technology, companies overlook an opportunity that has the potential to transform supply chain operations and revolutionize the way they do business. Rather than applying new technologies to existing frameworks within companies, successful professionals are thinking about the possibilities these innovations offer, and how their use could help pivot to much more […]
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How to master drop shipping without losing customers in the process

Not that long ago, people lived and functioned in tight communities. Every vendor knew their customers personally and could make...

Three principles to follow for a resilient operation

This Machine Learning Glossary aims to briefly introduce the most important Machine Learning terms - both for the commercially and...

What we learnt about the distribution supply chain of the Covid-19 vaccine

Is AI taking over our jobs? Will AI replace the need for humans? No. Think of the rise of AI as a way of enhancing us, not replacing us.
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8 technology trends your supply chain can incorporate

The unprecedented explosion in the amount of information we are generating and collecting, thanks to the arrival of the internet and the ...