OMNIX is a Saas B2B Enterprise that automates processes and solves contingencies in real time, optimizing the value chain to recover the operational fluency of the business.




Companies are gradually being held up to higher and higher standards in order to keep up in a fiercely competitive ecosystem. In many cases, those companies that are transforming into a more technological and customer-focused organizations are the ones that are holding up to the challenge.

At the same time, thousands of companies fall day by day into the “complexity trap”: accelerated and sophisticated processes, successive unforeseen events, increasingly demanding customers and thousands of parallel variables that stifle their growth.

Workers are trapped in this complexity and are unable to dedicate time to tasks of greater value in order to make the company grow.


At OMNIX we can transform complexity into fluency. We use the power of technology and Artificial Intelligence to help companies overcome the “complexity trap”.
We solve complex processes in matter of seconds and deliver solutions thanks to applied Artificial Intelligence. We automate processes, anticipate failures, improve the company’s value chain and free up people’s management time to redistribute efforts in higher value tasks and thus empower them.


It is estimated that there are +67,000 companies worldwide with a turnover of more than $100M USD. These corporations can benefit from automation. Our goal is to have 2% marketshare: 1,340 companies using OMNIX. Our target market is $USD 201M.


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