¿Qué significa realmente la transformación digital?

La tan deseada transformación digital: todo el mundo habla de ella, todo el mundo quiere venderla y también comprarla. Especialmente debido a la crisis que la pandemia por el Covid-19 creó, la necesidad de las compañías de invertir en tecnología para poder reinventarse aumentó su demanda. Sin embargo, es importante hacernos la pregunta, ¿qué es […]

Why order tracking is critical to your business

There is a common problem shared by many supply chains. It’s a problem that stems from the following question: how prepared is your chain to know the status of orders and adjust processes and customer expectations to maintain continuity when disruptions arise? And the answer tends to be, in general, that companies do not know […]

Why your business should prioritize technology innovations

When it comes to technology, companies overlook an opportunity that has the potential to transform supply chain operations and revolutionize the way they do business. Rather than applying new technologies to existing frameworks within companies, successful professionals are thinking about the possibilities these innovations offer, and how their use could help pivot to much more […]

What is distributed order management and why should you adopt it?

In today’s context, supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. However, there are simple and effective solutions to manage them. One of these solutions is to take the Distributed Order Management (DOM) approach. This solution focuses on orders, and intermediates them to ensure their delivery, from an optimal point of origin to the required destination, in […]

Reduce your costs and increase efficiency with transportation management systems.

Over time, transportation management in companies has become increasingly complex. Changes in business models, geographic expansion and increasing customer demands strain resources and technology. The result is that transportation management systems, or TMS, are increasingly being included in the conversations and budgets of those leading supply chains. In essence, TMS solutions serve to move products […]