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Aaron Cassorla

CEO, Founder

“Beyond the technicalities on how we optimize operations, when companies adopt OMNIX, it changes radically how they manage productivity, as they can generate more revenue and more value for the business with less resources and less interruptions. This allows them to be more competitive in this new upcoming Industrial Revolution. At its core, OMNIX is their step towards a true digital transformation, and towards a positive working environment”

firma perfil CEO@2x
Civil Industrial Engineer
Universidad Diego Portales
Aaron Cassorla
CEO + Co-Founder
Civil Industrial Engineer
Master in Electricity
Jorge Belmar
PM Co-Founder
System Engineer
Universidad Autónoma del Caribe
Edwin Vargas
CTO + Co-Founder

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As we expand our presence in new markets around the world, we are also looking to expand our team in different departments. If you are passionate about digital transformation, if you strive to work in a challenging environment and to be part of a growing company, OMNIX is the place for you.