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Are you thinking about big plans for your company? OMNIX may be the answer you are looking for to achieve your goals, because we are a leader in transforming business processes. When you join OMNIX, you become part of our community, connecting you to new knowledge, tools, resources and programs. At the same time, we help our partners and customers to drive growth.

OMNIX works hand in hand with its partners from the very beginning, we build projects together. Our clients' success is ours too, we are helping each other to grow. We are passionate about working to expand businesses, and joining forces will help us both create more opportunities, by maximizing the revenue potential and economic performance.

Joining our program means becoming part of a community of experts and innovators, driven by the desire to achieve tangible and sustainable results.To become part of OMNIX, you must first apply to become a member. Then, a meeting will be arranged with our advisors to evaluate the cultural fit of the company and its segment.