Aaron Cassorla, CEO of OMNIX, was interviewed on Emol TV about the digital transformation of Chilean companies, along with the head of the “Unidad de Futuro y Adopción Social” of the Ministry of Economy, José Guridi, and the executive director of Cloud at Accenture, Fernando Sinagra. The interview discussed how Cloud technology is revolutionizing business models, how digital transformation was affected by the pandemic, and automation.

He goal of this task is to predict a class (label) of a document, or rank documents within in a list based on their relevance. It could be used in spam filtering (predicting whether an e-mail is spam or not) or content classification (selecting articles from the web about what is happening to your competitors).

  • An opinion column was published in El Mostrador and Nex News about the benefits of innovating in optimization. The article mentions the importance of implementing holistic solutions that optimize the supply chain. The article concludes that “(…) supply chain leaders must make a vital decision. They must decide whether to invest in systems and processes that manage across different areas, that better balance priorities, and that optimize the end-to-end supply chain.” 
  • Opinion column in America Retail, on CyberDay2021, where Aaron Cassorla explains how delays in deliveries in the face of high demand on this date are a consequence of a lack of technological innovation in companies
  • Opinion column in El Dinamo, Noti-America, Diario Estrategia and in the Digital Informative “Aproximación al futuro”  about cost optimization versus cost reduction. 


  • Radio Agricultura: interview with Aaron Cassorla at minute 41:30 seconds. In the interview, Aaron explains how OMNIX approaches digitalization in companies. He explains why companies need a holistic transformation and not only in certain areas of the operation. In addition, he tells how OMNIX differentiates itself from other competing companies by having the ability to anticipate unforeseen events and to maintain the operational continuity of companies.