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Contingencies orchestration

OMNIX is responsible for generating actions on the operation, fulfilling an orchestration function even when there are failures or contingencies.


Today, companies are looking at how to automate their processes to free up their time. One of the big challenges is the ability to connect all data sources, but it is also a challenge to decide what to do with that data, i.e., what action is to be taken with it? The important thing is not only to know what is happening in the supply chain and create automated flows, but it is also important to orchestrate contingencies to maintain operational continuity.OMNIX generates actions on the operation, then, when there are failures in the chain, it is able to change the decision to act by choosing another one that is optimal. OMNIX's software platform orchestrates and streamlines orders by integrating systems for end-to-end visibility. The OMNIX supply chain control tower enables companies to view and act on events from a single platform, so they can meet logistics demands and gain higher profits with a return on investment.

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